Now Buy Premium Tumblr Themes

If you are using a Tumblr blog, the easiest way to blog, then you can buy premium Tumblr themes now and get unique professional web designs for your Tumblr Blog.

premium tumblr theme

Tumblr has allowed paid themes and now you can check out the new premium Tumblr themes gallery and find the amazing new themes by professional designers. The prices range from $9 to $49 for a license. With 4 million tumblr users, I am sure Tumblr will get some good business selling premium themes.

If you don’t want to buy themes, then you can try out any of the cool 300+ free tumblr themes they feature, or grab some popular Tumblr themes. We also use these free themes on our Tumblr Photoblog. Will you buy a Tumblr theme?

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