Pre-Register .CO Domain Names

Want to register .CO Domain names? Pre-registration is open now to Colombian Trademark Holders as part of the Sunrise period. .CO promises to be a premium domain name as it can be applied as abbreviation for Company, Corporation or Commerce sites.

.co domain names

Colombian Trademark Holders can apply till June 10 (Sunrise period) for $299.99/yr. The priority Landrush .co domain name registrations are open till July 13 for $299.99/yr. After July 20, all .co domain names will be on first come, first served to the general public at $29.99/yr only. Only few domain name registrars can book now. Book  your .co domain today at Godaddy.

.CO will open new opportunities to webmasters to get a new identity and figure out more interesting domain variations for their domain names. Are you waiting to buy .co domain names?