Buy Apple iPad Now on Ebay India

How can you buy Apple iPad in India right now? It will take months before iPad is for sale in India – get it now at Ebay India. I was tracking sales of iPads on ebay and the list is increasing everyday.

ebay ipad ebay india sale

ipad sale on ebay india

Is Apple iPad available for sale on Apple India Store? No. You can however enter your email and get notified about iPad news. International iPad pricing is not yet released but it will definitely be more expensive than that in US, just like the iPhone 3GS in India. Till then iPad sellers can earn huge profits.

As iPad auctions on Ebay rise rapidly, most people are buying iPads in US and selling out to other countries at a premium price. Ebay has identified this issue and is limiting ipad sales to sellers. Buy iPad on Ebay India. Always read the fine print and look out for hidden charges, and custom duties if any.

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