Get Free Site Review by Google SEO Experts at Google I/O

Do you want a free site review for SEO optimization by top Google SEO experts like Matt Cutts at Google I/O, Google’s Largest Developer Event of the Year. Simply submit your site now and your site could be featured there.

Google I/O features 80 sessions, 3,000 developers, and over 100 demonstrations from developers showcasing their technologies, with a unique opportunity to discuss with engineers building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

Google I/O will host the “SEO site advice from the experts” session with tech talks by – Matt Cutts, Greg Grothaus, Evan Roseman on Thursday May 20, 2:15pm-3:15pm at Moscone Center, San Francisco. This presents a perfect opportunity to get your website reviewed by the experts in the Google Search Quality team and get search engine optimization (SEO) feedback on your sites. They also promise to answer real-life questions affecting developers for optimizing their websites for search. Matt Cutts invites webmasters to submit your website for review.

Sit back and relax to view the SEO site review session held in 2009.


  1. Jonny Clearwater says:

    Please evaluate my site.

  2. Vinita Kludt says:

    i like this excellent idea and thinking to implement myself

  3. Olajide Oladapo Tobun says:

    I would appreciate if my website got reviewed

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  5. P Prabakaran says:

    I want my site to be Freely reviewed by Google SEO Experts at Google I/O

  6. Kamran Sankey says:

    I would like a website review please. Armour provides virtual touch screen overlays. Its a whole new phase in technology.

  7. wefeel says:

    Sir ,
    Our organisation is dedicated to serve the people,animal,rivers and nature.we belong to 3rd world country like India where we must need support from you all.recently we have started our free web site through which we want to reach people from people with good intention can help us towards the goal.Thus please review our site so that people can know our activities.

  8. Anushk Mittal says:

    Please evaluate my site.

    i will be frateful to you.

  9. David says:

    Good Day

    I would like to submit my blog for review, we are online now a year on 29.05 and we recieve between 30 to 50 views a day and it is linked to twitter, Flickr, Zimbo and Bloggers basically to try and generate more traffic which does work. the blog contains short written material on celebs and denim styles and is updated each week, we are not connected to facebook because it is very time consuming and its hard to find time to update all the time.

    The reason we are submitting the blog for revew is to revice some feedback on what we could do to improve and if you have any inormation that could be useful

    Kind Rgds


  10. xai says:

    i would like to have a review site, please.

  11. Ali Khan says:

    Kindly Update me through E-mail

  12. debrianruhut says:

    please review my blog… I newbie. Thanks

  13. asim kumar says:

    Kindly review my site by sparing some of your precious time and let me know the flaws by giving your valuable comments.
    Thanks a lot

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