Slangwho People Powered Search Engine Challenges Google

A new search engine is coming called Slangwho, a People Powered Search Engine set to redefine the way we search. Online buzz and advertising campaigns seems to be building around Slangwho as it gets poised to take on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Slangwho People Search Engine

Slangwho launched live in Private Beta on March 1, 2010. Now they have released 3 videos directed by Italian director and producer Aaron Chiesa. At 1pm EST every day, a new video from the 12 part video series exploring conversations with real people will go live till the Slangwho launch on May 14, 2010.

These videos are a commentary on the ‘black box’ algorithms used by most search engines to determine search results. Slangwho’s search results are determined by users…not by a box.

The videos specify people powered search is more trustworthy than a black box algorithm used by most search engines. What exactly Slangwho is, and how they will integrate social media will be revealed more in these coming videos till the launch on May 14, 2010. Meanwhile Slangwho cofounder Sasha Tcherevkoff is not revealing much on Twitter, except for that its Alexa rank is rising and advertising is in full swing.

Slangwho art campaign continues! Bus Stops! on Twitpic Slangwho Art Campaign Continues! Taxi's!! on Twitpic Slangwho Art Campaign More! Billboards! on Twitpic

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