Join Blogger Usability Study: Earn $75 in 60 Minutes

Want to earn $75 for 60 minutes of testing Blogger blogging tools in a Blogger usability study. The Blogger team seeks your feedback and participation for better future product enhancements.

Blogger team has planned this study on June 17-23, 2010. They will call you on phone and set up a screen sharing session with you on your own computer. You’ll need a high-speed Internet connection, a computer running Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, must be over 18 years and willing to sign a Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement and allow them to video or audio record the session.

For your 60 minutes of blogger participation, they will give you $75 in American Express gift checks. Interested? Get started by filling in the Blogger usability study questionnaire, which includes some basic personal questions about you and your blogs. If selected, expect the call soon.

Isn’t this the fastest way to make easy money. Earn $75 in 60 minutes doing what you love to do anyway.

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