Steve Jobs Clarifies iPhone 4 Antenna Issues [Video]

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Steve Jobs addressed the media at the Apple Press conference and explained the Apple iPhone 4 antenna and call reception issues. Many iPhone 4 buyers were complaining of poor reception issues. Catch Steve Jobs explaining the iPhone 4 issues …

The conference started with the iPhone Antenna song, and ended with Apple just giving all iPhone owners a free bumper case to fix antenna reception. They launched an iPhone OS 4.0.1 update that lets all iPhone users fix a wrong signal bar issue and if they are still unhappy they can return the undamaged iPhone for a full refund.

As Apple put up a page explaining signal strength loss of popular smartphones when held in a certain way for phones like Blackberry Bold, Samsung Omnia, HTC Droid Eris – RIM seems unhappy for dragging Blackberry phones into a iPhone specific issue.

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