4 Tips to Create More Blog Content in Less Time

Ever wanted to create more blog content in less time? I often hear, “writing blog posts takes too much of my time…” or “I don’t write blog posts every week because I have other things to do…” – and I understand.

Life will get in the way of what we want to achieve. Most people starting their blog don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to blogging. They have 9 – 5 jobs, kids, pets, and relatives to attend to, but we all have 24 hours in a day and if I can create 4 blog posts in 3 hours – you can definitely create 1 a day.

All it takes is getting the best use of your time, and that’s exactly what these tips will help you do. 4 Tips to creating more blog content in less time..

1. Stop Checking Stats

Don’t worry, I do it too. This is almost an obsession when starting out. You want to know who came to your site in the past hour, or half hour, or ten minutes. You want to see if anyone subscribed while you went to get a glass of water.

It’s important to know that the three minutes you spend checking stats add up, and you end up not getting much done. So try your best to stay away from your blog’s admin panel when you’re writing. What I used to do was disconnect the internet so that I wasn’t tempted – now I’m a have a bit more self-control.

2. Don’t Get Distracted

YouTube is filled with juicy videos that grab you and don’t let you go for hours on end. I admit, there are times where I try to convince myself that I’ve been working too hard – so I go check out what new, crazy videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

I mean, if you watch one “Annoying Orange” video, then you gotta watch them all, right?

HUGE time waster. So again, to avoid any online distractions, disconnect from the internet and get to work. You’ll be surprised with how much you’ll get done without internet access, it’s amazing.

3. You Got What You Need – Just Start Writing

One thing that stops a lot of bloggers is the thought that they don’t know enough yet. So they go out there (on the internet again) in search for new information, or new ideas to write about. They get so involved in the learning aspect of blogging for business, that they never get down to just blogging.

Learning is great, and necessary – but it’s another HUGE time waster if done excessively. You got what you need, just do it.

4. Work In Intervals Of 60-60-30 – It works!

This is a productivity technique that I’ve been using to create more content in less time. Basically it works like this. You work for 60 minutes, take a 10 minute break – then work for another 60 minutes, take a 30 minute break.

This helps you get really focused on ONE thing for 60 minute chunks and then rejuvenates your mind completely for the next round.

5. Throw Away Your TV

OK, maybe not throw it away, but put it in storage somewhere. The less time you spend watching television could be spend on creating more content. Use your time wisely – it’s limited.

Your turn.. do you have any tips on how to get more done in less time? – Leave your tips and thoughts in the comments section below and please share this post on facebook and twitter if you found it useful. Thanks!

Guest author Hector Cuevas is a business blogger who helps people blog their way to more traffic, more leads & a bigger business. You can get his cool special reports in his BizBlogging Vault (get it, it’s good). Want to share your blogging tips? Write guest articles here.


  1. John @ Free Comic Books Online says:

    I think the tips are good. One thing I want to add is not to spend too much time researching how to make blog better. I used to be addicted to how to blog blogs. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Hector Cuevas says:

      Hey John..

      Yup that’s a great add-on to the list. Making tweaks can get addictive. lol (trust me I know)

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    You might also like our top time wasting blogger habits

  3. Michelle, Easy Designer Websites says:

    Limit your Twitter and Facebook time to one or two times per day and only after you have completed your tasks for the day. They can be real time vampires.

    • Hector Cuevas says:


      that’s the magic phrase that will make you 100 times more productive. “ONLY AFTER you’ve completed the tasks”

      That is so true.. I usually leave my FUN stuff til after I’m done creating content

      thanks for sharing

  4. Hokya says:

    don’t forget to stay focus and abandon your FaceBook, Twitter, etc for a while

  5. magie says:

    Nice insights!
    What I do is research on your topic, gather ideas, materials etc. that enables you to get in focus on what is at hand and have a grand break.

  6. Hector Cuevas says:


    Focus is key and what you said is a great process to go thru to get that focus we need

    thanks for sharing

  7. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:


    Nice tips :)

    Really I too waste lot of time in viewing stats :P

  8. bluray says:

    As usual with these things have focus and most importantly take action

  9. haha ;) says:

    Nice tips it make me laugh lol :) if you don’t mind can I recommended real suggestion ! actually how to increase traffic basically its all about pages, more pages mean more traffic! so the question is How the heck! doing it I.e Increase blog pages in short times! if you ask that question actually the answer is quite simple! copy paste ezine and publish :) 100 articles per day x 30 = 3000 pages ! and dont forget to give backlink for the authors ! I am sure ezines writers already knows the risk if they writes for ezine I.e some peoples will copy theirs articles! but the real question is ? how to publish 100 articles without getting Banned, if you already found the trick’s then I am sure you already make hundreds dollar! and please don’t try this methods if you don’t know about SEO cause if you not, then don’t try this boring methods cause for some reason it will wasting your times, cause this trick only for the PRO lol ;) just kidding !

  10. TheCrunchMan says:

    i must admit i loose lots of time checking stats its addictive

  11. Kelvin Castelino says:

    I just verify my knowledge before I post something, so that I dont post some error, then all comments come back saying you posted a wrong content.

    Also I try to make it conversational, by adding polls or videos, or end with a question to the reader.

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