One Simple Technique That Turns Average Marketers Into Overnight Gurus

Have you ever wondered how the “gurus” reached such iconic status? You’ll be surprised when you see how they really did it.

You see Internet marketing is a business model that is extremely young and uncharted. This is why nobody “really” understands Internet marketing. Some of us have a real good grasp on it. But Internet marketing is just too new, to have it all figured out already.

The gurus know this and they have exploited this knowledge gap in an major way. (Here’s a secret: The guru’s don’t actually know how to market better than you do, and they aren’t smarter than you are…but there is just one thing that they know that you don’t.)

They understand the power of positioning.

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The Power of Positioning

When you first came online to try your “luck” as an Internet marketer I bet you focused on building multiple blogs, AdSense, and maybe even spamming. That’s because you didn’t know any better. That’s because the gurus who positioned themselves in such a way told you that creating a million blogs was the correct thing to do. (sidenote: I can also bet that you bought a product from that exact guru. :) )

Because you were new to this industry, this allowed your mind to crave knowledge. And anytime someone seeks knowledge they go to what appears to be the best source of information. And this is where the gurus really shine.

Gurus have mastered the art of positioning. They have created the image that they are the know all be all. And any product that they release will bring the same success as they have seen. When in all reality the main reason they have seen so much success was because they positioned themselves to profit from the group of people who do the most buying in the internet marketing niche… The new guy.

The Success Factor

So what do you have to do in order to reach this level of success? You have to find a way to position yourself as the person who has the most knowledge. Here is a quick equation to help you better visualize what I’m talking about.

  • More knowledge = more success
  • A gurus knowledge (as perceived by the noob) is > the noobs perception of his own knowledge.
  • Since the noob perceives the guru to have the knowledge that will lead to success, that noob does anything it takes to intake the guru’s knowledge. This includes giving all of his money to the guru in exchange for his KNOWLEDGE!
  • This happens over and over and over and eventually, the guru has become a multi-millionaire, the noob is still poor and life goes on.

The perception of knowledge is what sets the rich apart from the poor in the world of internet marketing. The person who is perceived to have the most knowledge can be put in a position of iconic status. And this is how you make an infinite amount of income on autopilot.

Where Do You Go From Here

Now that you understand that it is a perception that allows a person to be put on a level of icon status. You should start to gather ways in which you to can maximize or better yet, utilize your assets in order to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert.

  1. Never second guess yourself – Any report, blog post or video that you make must sound 100% confident. This will subconsciously force people to “want” to follow you.
  2. Always Provide High-Quality Work – Never skip on the quality. High quality equals high value. High value equals the will to purchase. The more people who have the will to purchase your products, the more money you will ultimately make.
  3. Be different – People who approach something different appear to be instant masters because they are doing something that hasn’t been seen before. If your competitors all do one thing you should do something totally opposite (just as long as it’s profitable).
  4. Be everywhere all at once – One thing you can do to really boost your positioning is to make sure anytime somebody is searching for help you are there with the answer. Imagine if your niche was farming and you wrote a report on farming, you made a blog, you have some youtube videos, and you have some articles floating around. If every time somebody would do a search on farming and they were presented with your information this would almost instantly force that person to take notice of you and pay attention to what you’re saying. If they ran across that many products by you they would be forced to believe that you have the knowledge that they need. Positioning at it’s finest.

You are now equipped with the tools needed to really make it big online. It’s now up to you to take the next step towards success. See you at the top.

Guest author Richard Jackson is the creator of – a Video Blog that teaches University Level marketing and self-improvement, with an unconventional twist! Image credits to Three Business Men by Kosta Kostov. You can also write guest articles here.

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