Google Sends New Year Greetings

We were surprised to receive Google new year greetings in the email. The email titled “Millions of Happier New Years” was probably sent out to all Adsense / Adwords publishers.

The email informs us that Google donated $20 million to charitable organizations around the world and directs you to a Happy Holidays page and thanks us for being a part of what Google is today.

Google happy holidays

We share with you the embedded video

Thank you Google for providing amazing Google tools and revenue sources for bloggers. Google Adsense is the major income source of this blog and keeps us motivated to bring you the best tips. Happy Holidays Google Team.


  1. venkat says:

    So no new year gifts from Google yet again to adsense publishers,anyway happy new year to QOT.

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    I also Have Recieved the mail from google Wishing me Happy new year.
    And i want to wish Quickonlinetips to Many Many Happy New Year Wishes.
    May God Bless Us All The Bloggers.

  3. Yafiz says:

    Happy New Year, GBU all!!

  4. abunasabunas says:

    happy new year

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