Earth Hour 2011 Today: Turn Off Your Lights

Its Earth Hour 2011 today on Saturday, March 26, from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm (your local time), and the world will join hands to switch off their lights and take a stand against climate change.

Be a part of Earth Hour and remember to switch off your lights for 1 hour.

5 comments on “Earth Hour 2011 Today: Turn Off Your Lights

  1. Madhav Tripathi says:

    I was thinking if I turn of lights on YouTube it will save some energy.I was right but did not realize more than this.
    Sorry to say but I was not a part of this celebration.

  2. Ally Lennon says:

    Its a nice idea in sentiment, but accomplished nothing in terms of useful energy savings

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    This is really a Good idea and i support it.

  4. Maxim says:

    oops … i read this a few days late :(

  5. King says:

    These are all rubbish things and rubbish celebrations

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