Download Free Norton Antivirus, Internet Security 2012 Beta

Now Download free Norton Internet Security 2012 Beta and free Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta from the Symantec Norton Beta center and test drive these security software for free.

norton antivirus 2012

Free Norton Antivirus, Internet Security 2012 Beta

The key features of both the Norton Security versions include

  • Norton includes multiple layers of protection against viruses, trojans and malware
  • Customizable Control Center –  choose  a simplified screen or traditional detailed view.
  • Identity Safe alerts is now integrated in Norton Toolbar
  • Better Bandwidth Management  to help save internet account allotted bandwidth.
  • Insight 2.0  informs about stability of new software downloads
  • More powerful Norton Recovery Tools

The Offer is now over.

Remember these are ‘beta’ software which are meant for testing purposes to improve features and find bugs and security loopholes. You can also post questions, comments, and issues at the Norton Public Beta Forum.

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