Explain Facebook Safety to Kids [Video]

Want to explain Facebook safety and safe Facebook surfing habits to your kids? This is a nice video in which Little Red Riding Mood teaches a big deal about dangers of Facebook and your privacy online.

The message goes – “When you confirm someone as your Facebook friend, you invite them into your life. Confirm only people you know.” Very true. Send it to your little ones.


  1. promosyon says:

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  2. Offshoring Services says:

    This is a cool video. I like the concept of associating the little red riding hood to facebook. The children will the catch the message clearly.

    The part where grandma is playing computer game made me laugh! :)

  3. mylovelylotus says:

    Hemmmm, facebook,…

    I was very happy to use facebook as my social network, because this very help me to find my old friends that have been not met for several years,
    but, when i heard some cases(crime cases) that using facebook, I was affraid that the children will be the victims of it, and, your video has given me way to create the awareness to the child about facebook

  4. kurumsal web site says:

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