How to Optimize WordPress Database Easily

What is the best and easiest way to optimize WordPress database? It is a good idea to optimize your WordPress database tables as useless data “Overhead” piles up over the years and slows your database down.

Our WordPress admin was getting really slow and so were the increasing  number of resource alerts. Like most WordPress bloggers, we too were always hesitant to meddle with the database fearing irreversible loss of data. There are many powerful WordPress database plugins, but they all seem too powerful and capable of modifying so much data, that it seemed better in expert hands. So we were looking for something very simple, easy and trustworthy.

Optimize WordPress Database

The we found the amazing Optimize DB plugin by Yoast, who is a well known creator of some other amazing plugins too. We simply installed and activated the plugin and it automatically analyzed how much database overheads it could save instantly. Then we backed up the database, though Vaultpress saves our latest database files automatically.

This what a partial screenshot of what we got. The plugin was going to optimize our WordPress database and save it by 33%!

optimize database

Well there is only one button to click, and we clicked it. And in the next few seconds, it was all done.

WordPress Database tables optimized

The WordPress admin speed seems better, site resource alerts seem lower too.

Warning: Always back up your full database before attempting any database changes. This seems standard disclaimer, but is very essential to restore your database if something goes wrong (and sometimes things do go wrong).

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