HP TouchPad Fire Sale: Price Crashes 75% to $99

HP TouchPad price has crashed and the fire sale price has dropped to $99! It seems poor sales are making dealers sell out the HP Touchpad at unbelievable rates.

HP TouchPad Sale

hp touchpad sale

If you visit the Best Buy Canada store, 16GB HP TouchPad with Wi-Fi, which was selling for $399.99, is now on sale for $99.99 only; while the HP TouchPad 32GB with Wi-Fi, which was originally priced at $499.99 is selling for $149.99 only. Stock seems sold out now. [Update: Offer closed now on Best Buy]

So is it a limited and one shop discount? It seems HP affiliates have been informed about liquidating HP TouchPad inventories and so many more dealers may follow with the huge sale very soon.

Recently HP announced that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, and it seems unsold HP Tablets are piling up and have already been selling for a discount for sometime, but this huge deep discount is a great deal to buy the HP Touchpad.

Update 22/8: Barnes and Noble now selling HP Touchpad for $101.95. Stock sold out now.

Update 25/8: HP Touchpad on Amazon is now selling at discounted price of $225 (16GB) and $290 (32GB). It seems this is the best offer available right now. All deep discount offers are sold out.

Post a comment if you are aware of a better deal, and we will update the post.


  1. Lee | Money4Invest says:

    HP failed to challenge Apple & Android and it’s sad to see HP discontinues WebOS development.

  2. Antoinette says:

    Do you think there will be a crash in Europe too ?

    Because today it still costs around $550-600 here !!!

  3. Dennis says:

    32gb touchpad for $149 on Amazon!

  4. liaqat says:

    this was bound to happen, since HP sold only 10% of what they expected to…
    i am still not going to buy the Touch Pad

  5. Akif Shamim says:

    I guess WebOs needs to improve, probably

  6. emmy sam says:

    Akif all OS need improvemnts, not just webOS.

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