Best Facebook Games List 2011

Facebook released the list of top Facebook games 2011 and the best Facebook game was … not Zynga’s Farmville or Cityville,  but Gardens of Time by Playdom! We are so accustomed to playing Zynga Facebook social games that we fail to look beyond at some best Facebook games which the list brings out.

Best Facebook Games

Here is the list of  Most popular Facebook games in 2011

gardens of time

  1. Gardens of Time (By Playdom)
  2. The Sims Social (By EA)
  3. Cityville  (By Zynga)
  4. DoubleDown Casino (by DoubleDown Interactive)
  5. Indiana Jones Adventure World  (By Zynga)
  6. Words With Friends (By Zynga)
  7. Bingo Blitz (By Buffalo Studios)
  8. Empires & Allies (By Zynga)
  9. Slotomania-Slot Machines (By Playtika)
  10. Diamond Dash (By wooga)

So are these the Facebook games with the most players? Facebook says they considered top games with more than 100,000 monthly active users with priority to those with highest user satisfaction scores. So the list is basically of Facebook games with most user recommendations in 2011.

Where is Farmville you wonder… Some of the games were a surprise to me and to you also I think. The surprise winner was Gardens of Time.


  1. Nadeem Khan says:

    Luckily I have played the top 6 of the 10 above mentioned games

  2. Sandeep Singh says:

    Gardens of time at the top is a real surprise

  3. NIRJON says:

    i like to play Cityville. whether its 1st or last in the list.

  4. Trung says:

    Hi, I never play any game above but may I will try.

  5. shipon says:

    I like most Gardens of time. It is really enjoyable.

  6. Bidet says:

    Im surprised Farmville is not one of the top ones this year. i remember people would get fired from their job because they played farmville so much. it was on the news last year i think haha :)

  7. miguel says:

    Exactly Bidet, But they are still playing may be on that time Farmville is the one top on games, but for this year, there’s a lot of Facebook games for free.

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