Microsoft Edge of the Internet Contest

Microsoft Australia has launched the Edge of the Internet contest to promote IE9  and find Dave who has gone beyond the edge of the Internet. The internet treasure hunt winner has a chance to win $20,000 AUD reward for finding Dave.

ie9 edge internet contest

Users need to register for the journey to the Edge of the Internet. They will suggest a bunch of links to other web pages – one of which was the last place Dave was seen before he got lost. Follow these links page by page following the right path and the first one to reach Dave wins. Hints and tips are rolling via Twitter on @windows7au and #TheEdgeoftheNet.

Terms page suggest its a journey of 7 web pages called Hunt Pages that form a path to the final Prize page. Of course they suggest you use the fast Internet Explorer 9 web browser to start your internet journey.

Entry is open to Australian residents aged 16 years and over only. The winner will describe in 300 words the journey that they took in order to find the winning page.

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