Now Rent iPhone 4S!

Why buy when you can rent iPhone 4S! O2 Lease is a new iphone rental pilot program by UK telecom carrier O2 that allows you to rent iPhone 4S for a fee for year and enjoy all iPhone features without actually owning an iPhone.

Rent iPhone 4S

iphone4sUsers can get iPhone 4S for a 12 month contract with no upfront cost for the iPhone with O2 Lease. Pay monthly and after 12 months, simply return the phone back and get a new one, or continue till the new phone you want is available. Since you have to return the phone, a damaged phone many incur substantial charges.

O2 Lease plans for the 16 GB iPhone 4S costs £55 per month. The 32 GB iPhone 4S model coses £65 per month. All plans include 750 minutes talk time, 500 MB data, unlimited Uk Wifi, unlimited texting and O2’s mobile insurance. O2 also offers a range of business lease plans starting at £45 per month.

It is actually a good idea to lease smartphones as it allows users to get access to an expensive smartphone for a much lower cost and an option to get  a new phone model after a year. Much like car leases, this model should get popular with other telecom carriers.

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