Play Angry Birds Facebook Game Online with PowerUps

Now you can play Angry Birds Facebook Game for free online right now loaded with Powerups with your Facebook friends. After smashing records for being the most popular iPhone app, you could download Angry Birds on computers, or play Angry Birds online in your web browser, Angry Bird on your website, and now play Angry Birds on Facebook with special features.

Angry Birds PowerUps

So what is special in Angry Birds Facebook game? You can use power ups to supercharge your birds and get additional features for power play which will enhance your gaming experience.

angry birds powerups

Users can click the lightning bolt button at the top of the screen and can get access to 2 power-ups per level. Check out the 4 power ups which grant your Angry birds unique powers.

1. Super Seeds – increases the size of the bird, so it causes more damage

2. King Sling –  increases the initial launch speed of all your birds

3. Sling Scope – see the  bird’s trajectory, for accurate targeting

4. Birdquake –  shakes the ground, to nudge off pigs and collapse unstable structures for the extra push.

Moreover, you can play to win and compete with your friends – and if you score the highest score among your friends, you win the gold crown!

And if you decide to bring in the Mighty Eagle, then you cna be assured that any level can be crossed easily.

angry birds mighty eagle

Play Angry Birds Facebook Game

Play Angry Birds Facebook games here

Like any other Facebook app, it will need your authorization to share your basic info, your high scores and prompt for posting acheivements etc on Facebook to engage your friends. It has the same addictive appeal as any other popular game like Cityville or Farmville as players engage with their friends. There are rewards, freebies and pay for more options which will keep players coming back for more and I am sure this platform will be the biggest business success for Angry Birds ever.

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