Download Flashback Trojan Removal Tool for Mac

Apple has officially released a stand-alone flashback trojan removal tool to remove the ‘most common variants’ of the flashback malware which has infected thousands of Mac computers across the world. Did you know that over the 550,000 Mac computers are now infected with the flashback malware!

Though the flashback Trojan malware was reported many months ago, the massive infection of Mac computers by this malware has woken up Apple to respond to the malware threat. Since Mac OS X does not come pre-installed with Flash, initially the earlier variations ofthe flashback malware was installed from compromised websites, where it disguised itself as false Adobe Flash player installer for Mac.

Flashback Trojan Removal Tool 

remove flashback toolNow Dr.Web claims that the BackDoor.Flashback botnet now controls more than 550,000 infected machines, mostly in the United States and Canada. This puts a big dent in claims that no antivirus, malware protection is required for Mac  OS X. In fact these recent malware incidents on Mac computers has become a booming business for Security software companies, and some of the reasons why we use on Norton Internet Security 5.0 for Mac to protect and secure our Mac.

Apple recently published the Java security update to plug security loophole, wherein malicious scripts may lead to arbitrary code execution. Now Apple has released the standalone software update for users.

flashback removal tool

Download flashback removal tool (version 1.0) now. The software is small 356KB download, and is available for immediate download from the Apple website. Apple recommends that all Mac OS X Lion users without Java installed, should urgently download the flashback malware removal tool, to remove any flashback injection on their Mac computers. However, the terminology suggests that this Apple tool still cannot remove all versions of flashback, but only the ‘most common variants’.

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