How to Make Site Search Default Google Chrome Search Engine

Did you know that you can make your own site search as the default Google Chrome search engine? Usually the default search engine in the Chrome browser is Google. But the Google Chrome settings allow you to change the default search engine in the browser URL bar.

So we decided to replace Google with our own site search, such that all searches in the Google Chrome URL bar would now search our site for the search terms typed there. It was more easier than you would think possible.

Change Default Google Chrome Search Engine

Go to Wrench menu > Settings > Basics > Search > Manage search engines. There you will find a variety of search engines and you can add your own search engine in the form at the extreme bottom below.

new search engine

There are three fields you can fill here

1. Add a new search engine – Type the name of your website or domain name here (we type “Quick Online Tips”)

2. Keyword – type your domain name here (we type “”)

3. URL – type the query URL of your site search and replace the query term with %s (we type

Now you will find your search engine is added to the Chrome search engines list. You can still click any field to edit it.

add search engine

Now hover the mouse over the name of your search engine and click “Make default”, and now your site search engine will become the default search engine for Google Chrome. Now wasn’t that simple.

default search engine

Now whenever people type search terms in the Google bar, it will search your site and present your site search results rather than Google. It’s easy to switch back to Google by editing the search engines whenever you want.

change search engine

Evil tip: Replace the default Google search engine  with your own site search in your cybercafe or any other public computer with Google Chrome browser. Most people will not know how the default search engine changed, and few would know how to switch it back. And of course you get all the extra search traffic to your site as people continue to type search terms in the Google Chrome browser! [Tip by HBB]

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