3 Best Link Building Tools For Smarter SEO

Which are the Best Link Building Tools? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about getting smarter! Whether you are a webmaster yourself or a professional involved in providing SEO services, you know it – better the link building, earlier your website catches attention in search engines.

There is nothing as soothing as finding your website amongst the top five ranks on Google or seeing it over the first page at least. But to make sure that the site consistently stays there, it is paramount that high-quality traffic gets driven to it. Internet marketing experts see every click of the mouse as a big-ticket for your website and that’s why so much stress is laid over link building. To keep abreast of the best link building tools, here is some valuable insight for you.

For getting a better grasp of it, let’s divide link building tools into two groups – the first group comprises of those which expedites relationship building while the other focuses over analytical aspect. Discussed herein are some tools which experts use and recommend. Subsequently, all you will need is simply align your link building activities with the most apposite ones and enjoy a hassle-free link building!

‘Buzz Stream’ Pioneers amid Link Building Tools

Tying up with other webmasters is the first step in building links. Hence you need a really exhaustive database of site owners so as to link and seek their permissions to connect. However, the challenge in this process is to keep track of your activities and links formed, failing which the pace of link building may decelerate.

For this purpose, you need a versatile tool which not only facilitates you in creating a database of prospective sites to link with, but also simplifies building ties with them. Buzz Stream is a really handy tool in this respect! The tool has automated functions to search demographics such as website names, email addresses, social media profiles, etc. as you go on browsing and bookmarking sites. A dedicated key uploaded to your browser’s toolbar abridge this part in some clicks.

As a most exciting feature of Buzz Stream, you can have an updated status on various stages of building links. It shows against each site in your database whether your link request has been accepted by a specific site or contact is attempted. A perk that makes it an exceptional link building tool is you can assign your login rights to multiple executives and speed up the process of link building. You can enjoy a 14-day trial at no cost but what’s more comforting is following paid plans too are cost-effective!

‘Citation Labs’: A Tool Most Appropriate for Link Building

Isn’t it way faster if you get a tool that is inherently smart to search high-quality sites and link you only to sites most appropriate for your niche? That is exactly what Citation Labs Link Prospector focuses on!

What isolates it from others is its capability to revert a report encompassing the most relevant and top quality links by simply having you to enter desired set of key phrases. Moreover, this report is filtered and can as well be exported to your hard drive in .CSV format. It goes without saying here that this tool eventually reduces much of the time and effort on your part.

Getting started with Citation Labs Link Prospector is usually easy however you will gradually get used to, with the operation. But again, the inexpensiveness of the tool and a meager cost to generate reports is not something to be called unreasonable. And there is a free trial.

Simplified Analysis with ‘Open Site Explorer’

Having a close eye on what your competitors are up to is primary to accomplish the desired success in any business. So as to stay ahead in your online marketing campaign too, this facet dwells. ‘Open Site Explorer’, another magnificent link building tools, equips you with the distinct option of competitor analysis with which you can track every single move competitors are adopting.

open site explorer

The details you are reverted with may amaze you as they include every bit of info such as the anchor text they use, their inbound links leading to other web pages and the domain authority. Raw data thus received can be exported to an excel file for applying further filters, lookups, etc. For example if you are working in the niche “tech tips”, you not only learn about other close competitors working in the “tech tips” slot but also about everything they did towards link building.

You or your team members conveniently sail through Open Site Explorer given its straightforward operation. However, looking to the comprehensive and thought-provoking details, you may be prompted to reap the advantages of this tool.

To sum up, link building gets meticulous and expeditious when you got the best link building tools. You may like to use the ones quote above or some others, significant is to have one up your sleeve!

Note: We have no financial / affiliate interest in any of these SEO tools.

This post is written by guest author Anil Agarwal, who owns Bloggers Passion blog where he writes about topics related to blogging tips, SEO and link building tips, WordPress, web hosting and affiliate marketing. You can follow him on Twitter at @bloggerspassion.

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