Buy Amazon Kindle at Croma Stores in India

Amazon Kindle is now officially for sale in India. You can buy Amazon Kindle exclusively at Croma stores across India from now on. After launch of Junglee search engine, this is Amazon’s biggest push to sell Kindle in India.

Buy Kindle at Croma Stores

If you visit the Croma Online Store today, you can see Amazon Kindle featured on the front page. Indians can buy Amazon Kindle starting at Rs. 6999 with free shipping and delivery in 7 days across India with an EMI option too. It seems only one model of the basic Kindle is available for sale, and other models like Kindle touch and Kindle DX  might be available later.

Buy Kindle on  Croma stores

Croma is a popular Electronics Megastore chain by the Tata group, and has the resources and network to push sales of Kindle across India.

I remember how I did buy Kindle from US, paid the import duties and shipped the Amazon Kindle to India. I shared with you Amazon Kindle unboxing photos and some start-up videos. You also browsed my amazing new Amazon Kindle lighted cover photos and found the best Kindle reading lights available in the market. Now all Indians can grab the new Amazon Kindle at their nearest Croma store.

India Kindle store

Amazon also launched the India Kindle Store today which offers the lowest prices on ebooks and has a huge database of over 1 million books, all priced in Indian rupees! Kindle users in India can now easily download Kindle books and pay in Indian rupees. It seems pre-orders, magazines, newspapers, blogs  etc. and still not be paid for in Indian rupees.

Amazon also launched Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for independent authors and publishers in India, so that they can easily publish their content for readers across the world and India, as well as earn royalty in Indian rupees. For example, you could read the QOT Kindle edition someday, though still not available in India.

Amazon Kindle is the bestselling e-book reader across the world and its availability for sale at popular neighbourhood electronics stores, will really push sales of Kindle across India.  It’s a good move by Amazon…

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