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Have you grabbed your new email address powered by the new Microsoft account. Microsoft just rebranded Hotmail and launched the new e-mail service, labelled as a ‘preview of modern email’ by Microsoft’, which they have built from the ground up. Email is a totally new way that Microsoft visualises the web, in line with the new Windows 8 platform. The preview is open right now and you should rush to get your own email address before someone else grabs it.

Firstly it is notable that the Windows live ID has been rebranded as the Microsoft Account. It is the same username and password that is used to sign in to other Microsoft services like Hotmail, SkyDrive, Windows Phone, or Xbox LIVE. We also created a new Microsoft account and tested our Outlook account.

Outlook layout

After login, we were greeted with a super clean layout, responsive menu, fading buttons, a beautiful four column layout, social media interactions… And it was a pleasure at first sight. A simple drop-down menu for settings can change your theme colours in a click. The e-mail reading panel can be shifted to the side or at the bottom just like Microsoft Outlook software. I particularly like the smooth layout and the superfast speed at which you can browse and navigate across the panels and adjust your settings to customise your email experience.

If you decide to compose a new email, you are presented with a beautiful compose mail screen. The contacts from the left side, and you can compose your e-mail in a clean interface on the right side, free from boxes and lines.

Outlook new message

You can easily configure the settings to import your email messages from other popular email services like Gmail. It will easily integrate messages from your social media network like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and provide an excellent source to monitor your entire online network in one place, while monitoring your e-mail as well.

In this quick review, I really like what I see right now –  if I have to create a new e-mail account, I am really tempted to grab a new email address. It’s a good time to grab your name right now as it seems millions of people have already registered and blocked their e-mail accounts.

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