14th Google Birthday Today! Or Maybe Not?

Today on 27 September, Google is celebrating its 14th Google birthday with a new Google doodle . Its consists of a nice chocolate cake with 14 candles, which is eaten away gradually to reveal a plate with the Google logo and candles arranged to form 14 written in tally marks format.

14th Google Birthday


google birthday doodle

I distinctly remember we blogged about the Google birthday on September 7 earlier in 2005, that was also the case with Google’s 10th birthday in 2008. But for some strange reason, it seems Google is celebrating its birthday on September 27 now as suggested by the Google logo today. BTW do you know meaning of Google?

Actually, if you will see the company overview page, you will see that Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998! So when is the real Google Birthday?

Anyways we all use Google in so many ways and bloggers must thank Google.

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