New Apple iPhone 5 Headphones? [Leaked Photos]

It seems that leaked photos of the new Apple iPhone 5 headphones are circulating across the Internet. As the world eagerly awaits the release of Apple iPhone 5, the next generation of Apple’s smart phone, it seems iPhone manufactured in Vietnam factories have being leaked.

Apple iPhone 5 Headphones

iphone headphones

MacRumors points out that a Vietnamese site has posted videos and images of the proposed next iPhone five headphones

While no one can actually confirm that these are actually real photos of iPhone 5 headphones till they are actually released officially by Apple, the quality looks pretty impressive to be a duplicate replica of the same. A lot of expectations are riding on the success of the next version of Apple iPhone 5, and it would not be surprising that they created a new superior headphones design for the new iPhone 5.

Apple maintains strict secrecy of its future models and prototypes, but often images tend to get leaked online before the imminent release of the next version. What you think about the new iPhone headphones?

Update: Apple subsequently release these these earpods officially.

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