Buy Apple iPhone 5 on Airtel India for Rs 45500, Coming November 2

Apple iPhone 5 is coming to India on November 2 and you can preorder Apple iPhone 5 for Rs 45500 on Airtel starting now. Airtel is a leading telecom operator in India and reveals the Apple iPhone 5 price in India.

buy  iphone5 india

Airtel is selling previous iPhone versions at much cheaper prices now. Apple iPhone 3GS-8GB Unlocked can be purchased for Rs 20,900 only from the Airtel Shop. Apple iPhone 4 16 GB (Officially Unlocked) models is selling for Rs 34,214, while the latest one iPhone 4S 16GB is selling for R 44,500.

Earlier we suggested some sites to buy iPhone in India, and then the price was hovering at Rs 55000 to 75000!  This Airtel price helps to estimate the official price of Apple iPhone 5 in India. You can now find many online shopping portals selling iPhone 5 for similar or lower prices. The gray market prices will now fall as the official pricing gets revealed. November 2 is not far, but we do not expect to see long queues at Indian Apple dealers, unlike in International Apple stores, due to the steep pricing of the premium smartphone in a price conscious market.

Preorder iPhone 5 (16GB) on Airtel now before it runs out of stock.

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