Get 100Mbps Broadband on Airtel India for Rs 5300!

Did you know Airtel India recently launched upto 100Mbps Broadband internet plans in Delhi starting at Rs 5300!   Airtel recently upgraded speeds of all broadband plans and now you can get almost double the internet speed for a much lesser broadband bill.

100Mbps Broadband Internet

See the fastest broadband internet plans on Airtel for Delhi right now.

100mbps broadband internet

What are the charges and data limits? The fastest speed is 100Mbps for Rs 5299 with a 175 GB data transfer included. After 175GB  data monthly limit is finished, the speed will reduce to 512 kbps, with no extra charge. So if you are online gaming fan, or like to download movie torrents – then a net monthly investment of Rs 5299 + tax will get a top 100Mbps speed to your computer. Add a wifi router, and you get the superspeed on all your laptops too.

Can everyone get 100Mbps now? Here is the catch. It seems copper wires on DSL which also power your associated telephone connection, can support maximum speeds upto 16Mbps. Airtel 40-100MBPS connections will come with dedicated FTTH cables (Fibre to the Home). Which basically means that only some areas in the city are covered by fibre network as of now –  and if you decide to go ahead, Airtel support will let you know if your areas is covered. Airtel support informed that they will install the fibre cables free of charge. Also note higher speed plans are standalone, which means that your telephone connection will not work with them.

16Mbps is very cheap – I called Airtel support and it seems my area was not covered yet, so the best option I had on copper wires was to upgrade to Electric 30GB plan – which is a 16Mbps connection with 30GB limit, followed by 512kbps after the limit for Rs 1699. I could also choose the more expensive 16Mbps connection with 80GB  limit for Rs 2599! So basically it is really cheap now to get  a 16Mbps connection, and believe me that if you don’t download too many large movies, then 30 GB is a huge limit.

Will Airtel  automatically change your internet plan? NO. They will continue to charge for your higher plan till you decide to change it. So it is a good idea to keep visiting your telecom operator website every few months for new plans, and as internet speeds become cheaper, grab the best deal. They will keep you on older plans as they profit from it.

Upgrade your internet connection to faster speeds and enjoy the web. If not 100Mbps, then 16 Mbps broadband is now more affordable.

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