How to Use Google Drive Free Stock Images for Google Docs, Slides

Google Drive now offers a collection of 5000 high quality free stock images for use with your Google docs, presentation slides and spreadsheets. A few months back Google had asked the community to choose sets of 10 images which they would prefer to use in their documents and slides. Interested people browsed across Thinkstock, a popular stock images website, and suggested their favorite and most used stock images .

Now Google team has curated the collection, and offers all Google Drive users these 5000 free stock images for use in their Google documents. I heard many people still cannot locate this feature, so here is how to use the Google drive stock images.

Use Google Drive Stock Images

First you need to create a Google document.  Visit the Google drive and create a document or presentation, or spreadsheet.

create document

Lets suppose you create a new document. Now insert the image.

insert image

A new popup comes up. Now you have  a choice to choose your image. Select Google Drive > Search Option.

google drive search

Now you have  a choice to select Stock Images. Clicking on that will change the search box to search stock images.

google stock images

Now type your search term,  Google drive will reveal an excellent photo collection, and select the image of your choice. Select to add to document.

free stock images

That’s it. You can now freely resize the image and use as you like it. Use these 5000 free images from Google drive and enhace the visual impact of your document and presentations.


  1. raman bathina says:

    Nice trick to use stock images using google drive.Now use these stock images in our blogs and this is alternative to flickr for getting stock images.

  2. Taswir Haider says:

    That’s really cool! I am going to check them now. If it is possible to use them for commercial purpose too, that will be fantastic.

  3. Albert says:

    Thanks for the share. Can I use these images in my blog posts instead of Google docs?

  4. Sagar Gholap says:

    Nice tip. Will try searching images from G Docs next time I write on a topic of general interest.

  5. Sadia says:

    I learn from this article.

  6. jahal says:

    Using those images is illegal as photographers have not agreed to participate. You risk getting sued both by photographers and models.

  7. Tog says:

    there is a dispute about the use of these images, model releases may have been compromised. if you use images from this collection, you may be involved in legal action.

  8. dominique says:

    Google, this is absolutely awful! You are taking advantage in the most unscrupulous way.
    There are two of my images in this “free” pool. You bought them from Getty Images for $60 each. That is the normal price for use on a company’s website – NOT FOR FREE WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION!!!!!!
    I have never agreed to this and have had to discover this on a forum.
    These images are now worthless. Shame on you, Google.
    If you want to buy images for free, everlasting, worldwide distribution, then you should pay the photographer a decent price and and NOT go about this in such an underhand manner.

  9. kent andersen says:

    There is a huge risk of using these pictures. The model release is not alowing google to use it this way. The contract with the photographer is also not alowing this kind of free commercial use of the pictures. Thousands of photographer are now realy angry at both getty and google for this!!

  10. Samer says:

    Nice Post before i used to upload images on Microsoft Sky drive but i’ll check now again, thanks anyways

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