New Apple iPad 128GB

Want to buy Apple iPad 128GB? Apple today increased the iPad storage from 64GB to 128GB by adding  a new model to its iPad lineup. The new 128GB iPad with retina display will be available in both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models and will provide twice the storage capacity!

Apple iPad 128GB

ipad whiteAs the ever improving iPad camera continues to store more HD photos, and HD videos, and as the iPad continues to replace netbooks and traditional computers –  people continue to store large amounts of data on the iPad, and while computers still come loaded with 500GB+ hard disk drives, the iPad was still stuck at 64GB with no way to increase the inbuilt storage.

Now the 128GB iPad will allow heavy content users get to choose a higher version. It would be particularly useful to people using huge 3D CAD files from AUTOCAD, using complex video editing tools, project blueprints and storing large music libraries and lots of HD movies.

Its not available for sale yet. The new iPad 128GB will start selling on 5 February 2013 in both black and white colors from all Apple stores, Apple online store and authorized retail stores.  The Wifi model will cost $799  and Wi-Fi + Cellular model will cost $929. If you compare the rates with the 64GB models, it means just by paying $100 extra you can get a 128GB model instead of 64GB!


  1. Shibendu Saha says:

    Can’t wait to buy it.

  2. Umrah says:

    pay as much as a full laptop for a device that does half of what the laptop does. Seems logical.

  3. Web Design says:

    I am also into blogging for last 2 years. This is one of the useful articles I found during search.

  4. chandon says:

    Its very need IT educated person. This is the most needs things.

  5. Work At Home says:

    ipad whiteAs the ever improving iPad camera continues ,so thank u.

  6. Majalah says:

    My 16GB ipad still do the job nicely. And I still have space for my Apps. so, iPad 128GB won’t in my wish list for this year.

  7. Rosa Florence says:

    It is funny that I ran across this post. I have been searching everywhere for either an ipad or tablet. I still don’t know which one I am going to get but at least this shows me a little bit about this model. I need one for my business and I really like the android market but I was told that the ipad might be better for me. I basically would use it to write documents, articles, reports, and for use with ebay and etsy. Which do you think I should get and which would be better for me. I am kind of on a budget but I don;t want to be disappointed either if I spend very little money and end up with junk.

  8. Rosa Florence says:

    Not sure if my comment posted but I was curious as to which I should buy; an ipad or a tablet. I need something for my business and a laptop is too bulky to carry around with me. I would be writing documents, excel, and using it for sites like ebay and etsy. I ran across this post while trying to look up which is better but since you seem to have knowledge on this I figured you might know.

  9. jan smith says:

    I kept going back and forth between an IP and a laptop. I ended up getting a laptop because I could do everything that a home computer can do on it. I know that ipads and tablets are coming really far in terms of technology but they still don’t have the capability that a real computer has.

  10. ahashan says:

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