6 Best Self Defense Keychains

Which are the best self defense keychains for personal safety. Everyone carries a keychain in their pocket to hold car or house keys, and its a good idea to carry these tactical keychains which have various handy features to injure assailants and prevent crime  if needed. Buy these Safety Keychains on Amazon.

Recently we posted an article about personal safety apps which you must have on your smartphone, and these self-defence keychains are also a good idea for all women to carry in their pocket.

Personal Safety Keychains

self-defense-keychainFury Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain with Pressure Tip – Made with lightweight aluminium, this keyring has a pointed 5.75 inches rod which can be used to injure an attacker with great force. It is nonlethal and has grooves for good grip. It easily fits in your pocket and is a good substitute for your current keyring. Available in several colours.

brutus-keychainBrutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain – This is another useful personal safety keychain shaped in the form of a bulldog whose ears are sharp and pointed and can be used for attack when needed. It is made of impact resistant durable plastic and is as strong as metal. The the eyes of the keychain can be used to insert fingers for good grip. Size  3.5″ x 2.5″, and available in seven colours.

pepper-spray-keychainSABRE RED Compact Pepper Spray with Pink Key Case – This keychain consists of a compact pepper spray can which can be used quickly and easily whenever needed to spray into the eyes of the attacker to induce instant watering and burning, giving you time to run and escape quickly. Offers 25 quick shots of maximum strength oleoresin capsicum pepper spray. Quick release keychain rapidly releases the pepper spray can into your hand. It claims to have a range of 10 m and can be carried legally.

spitfire-pepper-spraySABRE Red Spitfire Pepper Spray – This keychain contains a special quick fire pepper spray can which allows you to spray from your hip or shoulder in a well directed way by their patent deployment technique. It can spray about eight bursts at 6 to 8 feet in a cone spray pattern which can be directed to the centre of the face. Available in multiple colours.

car-keychain-alarmVigilant 130dB Panic Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain + LED Light – It looks like any ordinary car key chain and attackers might not realise that it is an personal panic alarm. It contains a very loud 130 dB alarm which can be activated by just pulling the pin in case of a panic situation or emergency. It will sound the alarm for up to one hour continuously. It also features a bright LED light in case you need to travel in the dark and find a keyhole. Personal alarms are legal to carry and a safe way to self-defence and prevent rape.

safety whistleFox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Official Whistle – Just blow the whistle in an emergency and it bursts 120+ becibels of high pitch shril sound to attract everyone if you are in danger. No moving parts and high grade plastic ensure it is maintenence free. The soft mouthgrip ensures you can blow whistle with your hands free. This is the simplest device you can add to your keychain and can be used easily before crime occurs.

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