15 Amazing New Features in Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is released and has some amazing new features which makes you want to just buy it now. Its not just about the big screen, faster processor, premium finish or the thinner size – its a showcase about new features that a futuristic phone should have … and what modern phones will get by default over the years.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are some of the cool features we loved –

  1. samsung galaxy s4Air Gestures – Simply wave your hand to change the music tracks, accept calls or even browse the web –  all without touching the phone screen. Air View lets you enlarge photos or speed dial without touching the screen!
  2. Smart Pause – While watching that video, if you look away the video pauses automatically. Look back at the screen and the video will restart.
  3. HomeSync – All your images, videos on your very own personal cloud for your family entertainment – access media wherever you are. 1 TB storage.
  4. Listen to your photos –  Now you can snap photos with sounds so you get a more enhanced multimedia experience with your photos. Create story albums easily.
  5. Drama shot – Quickly take multiple pictures of a moving object –  and combine them all in one image!
  6. Dual Shot –  Snap photos which include pictures from both the front and back camera. Be there in every picture you snap! Similar with Dual Video – connect your friends with what you see.
  7. Automatic scroll –  no need to swipe the screen to scroll –  simply tilt the phone and the screen will scroll.
  8. Gloves work –  Have you tried using gloves on touch screen mobile phones – they simply don’t work. Never take off your gloves in the wintery chill while using the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  9. Adapt Sound –  The headphones will auto adjust the sound in left and right audio based on the music and your hearing to give you the perfect music.
  10. Samsung WatchOn –  Make your phone your remote control to control content on your HDTV.
  11. S Voice Drive – Keep driving safely with both hands on the steering wheel while the new driving menu lets you voice control your phone to send messages, take call and make calls easily.
  12. S Translator –  Stuck in a foreign country with unknown language –  speak to the phone and let it translate voice back in the language of your choice.
  13. Group Play – Easily connect multiple S4 wirelessly to share music, act as speakers to amplify the sound, and play games together to enhance the fun.
  14. Wireless Charging – Get a wireless charging pad, and never need a wire again to charge your phone.
  15. S Health – Add on a range of accessories like Body scale to record weight, Heart rate monitor belts, S band to record running distance,calories burnt and steps taken.

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