How to Add Google+ Comments to Blogger Blogs

Now blogs can add Google+ Comments and leverage the engagement and interactivity of Google+ to enhance their blog comments as well as their social networks. We had mentioned how Embedding Google+ Comments on Websites will boost Google+ to new levels. And now that seems to have started.

I look forward to embedding Google + comments on our blog as it would be fun to test the amazing engagement which Google+ offers. I believe it will be better than Facebook comments, will be faster loading, and be easy to implement as Google+ scripts and badges are already there on every website. Google will find a way to speed load comments without slowing page load times and of course they will find a way to SEO optimize these comments. The comment box is clean, responsive and provides one click sharing with your Google+ circles.

I guess the delay for WordPress blogs integration will only be if they are looking for a way to integrate the current WordPress comments with Google+, like Disqus or LiveFyre does. Else webmasters will need to add it as a secondary commenting system (like Facebook comments) in addition to the WordPress comments (if they do not want to lose them).

Activate Google+ Comments

1. Connect Blogger to Google+ – Firstly, click on the the Google+ link in your Blogger admin. If you have not integrated or connected a Google+ account to your Blogger account, Blogger will ask you to upgrade to Google+. After you agree to the terms, then your blogger profile will convert to a Google+ profile and link both your Google+ pages and the Blogger blog.

blogger google plus

2. Use Google+ Comments –  Go to Google+ > Click on “Use Google+ Comments on this blog”. If you do not find the option there, it means they have not yet activated the feature on your Blogger account, but it should be there soon. Check the option, and find the new Google+ comments on your blog.

blogger google+ comments

Note: Your old blogger comments will be retained. The comments will not work on Private blogs. If you have a custom Blogger template, then you might not see the comments box. Add this code in your Blogger theme template where your want the comments to appear.

<div class='cmt_iframe_holder'

Activate Google+ Comments on your Blogger blog and increase comments and engagement on your blog. Eagerly waiting to test the WordPress integration…


  1. Arth I-Soft says:

    You really shared a best tips. This tips is very useful for me to add comments to my blog….

  2. Mel Egerton says:

    Thanks so much for this simple step by step guide, I’m a bit rubbish at the ‘techie’ side of blogging so when I saw ‘How to add Google+ comments to Blogger blogs I was elated.

    Im off to install it right now.

  3. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    This looks nice, but it will be cool if they develop a plugin to include all these commenting options, like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. :D

  4. Kabe says:

    no work in my site bro

  5. Sunday says:

    My take is that since Google owns Blogger and Google+, it becomes easy to merge Google+ comments with Blogger. This fact is already noted in this post. It’s a welcome development because it further promotes Google’s linkage with its products.

    Having said that, bloggers can utilize the Blogger platform and embed Google + comments for improved engagements and interactions. I am looking forward to implementing this script in my Blogger so I can take advantage of the benefits!

  6. sangram barge says:

    yea , it’s working perfectly…thanks for the post tough

  7. Jiwan Tamang says:

    Really nice post..working fine

  8. Sarah says:

    Been stuck on this for ages – at last, someone who has shown me how to get G+ comments. You are a star, thanks.

  9. Sameer Sumdarshi says:

    Nice Post, now i’ll add Google+ Comment Box to my Blog.

  10. melon says:

    This tips is very useful for me to add comments to my blog….

  11. Keith K says:

    That is useful; I never would have thought about tying in Google+. I’m building a site for a client now and I’m going to give it a try to test the functionality. Thanks!

  12. Rohan Mod says:

    awesome i am using intence debate in my blog now soon gonna change .hope this works.but i have question if i remove google plus comments from my blog will my all comments would disappear or not.

  13. Lyys lim says:

    That is a nice helpful tips

  14. Lalith says:

    Nice post Its working
    Thanks for sharing great content !!!

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