Feedly Pro Lifetime for $99 [Limited Offer]

My current favorite RSS reader Feedly now offers a new limited time Feedly Pro Lifetime subscription for $99 which will later also offer monthly and yearly subscription options for its users. Feedly gained millions of users when Google reader shut down and now has decided to monetize the readers it gained. Undoubtedly Feedly team worked hard to create an amazing RSS reader experience and is one of the best out there. But it seems paid RSS tools are here to stay.

Feedly Pro

Feedly Pro

So if like me you switched from Google Reader to Feedly in under a minute, do you really need a Feedly Pro paid subscription? Let see what Feedly Pro has to offer –

  1. Article Search –  Do you need to really find that article you like to read later to link back to it from your blog post? What I do is simply click “Save for Later” link beneath the post and then you can access all of these “Save for Later”  articles from the sidebar link. I also use Google +1 as a bookmarking tool. Of course its not a full substitute for search, but works for me.
  2. https secure browsing –  Well the more secure browsing you get  – the better. The logins are always secure. Can do without it for now.
  3. Evernote integration –  this allows one click saves to your Evernote books. But then Evernote is everywhere, well integrated on every computer and gadget I own.
  4. Premium Support  –  I never needed Feedly support. They created an amazing product which I love. I do not mind waiting is the support queue if ever I need to.

So do you need Feedly for $5 per month, $45 per year (both of which will be launched later) or get the early $99 Lifetime. I can do right now with my Free Feedly, but some people who love these new features can jump in and get the lifetime deal and it does not end here  …  you will also keep getting all the amazing new updates which will follow over the years!

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