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Want to see all Nokia mobile phones made to date? Nokia museum online gallery provides the best way to visualize all the mobile phones made by the once top mobile handset manufacturer Nokia. Probably you have already heard Microsoft bought the Nokia handset business after the successful run of Windows Phone software on the Nokia Lumia smartphones and this has enlivened interest in the older mobile models.

Nokia Phone Museum

So visit the Nokia  Museum Gallery and feel the nostalgia and find the year your first Nokia phone was released and do check out the specifications, and compare with your current smartphone. The Nokia Gallery features a complete collection of all Nokia phones sorted by year Рclick to the full post to see the Nokia phone photos and full technical specifications.

Nokia Phones

Probably each one of us has owned a Nokia phone sometime in our life, either if you were an early adopter to mobile technology in the ’90s or a recent Windows Phone convert attracted by the superb Lumia design. I have had the opportunity to use both the old and new Nokia Phones. My first Nokia phone was Nokia 3310 and my latest one is the Nokia Lumia 720. New phones feature the best of cameras, display resolutions, power-packed apps, and lower radiation too.

Post a comment about your first Nokia phone model and why you loved it?

Feature phones are now making a comeback with Jio Phone.

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