Free Download: Apple 12 Days of Gifts App

Just in time for the holidays, Apple’s popular 12 Days of Gifts app is now available for free download and promises a free gift in the form of free download every day from December 26, 2013 to January 6, 2014.

Though this app appears every year across the world in select countries (and not in the US!), this time it is available US also! The content is still not available in many countries.

12 Days of Gifts

12 days of gifts

The app discloses the free deal of the day for 12 days and the offer lasts for only 24 hours. The free gift may be a iTunes song, book, movie etc.

Download 12 Days of Gifts app from the App Store for free. Note it needs iOS7 or later. So if you are running an outdated version of iOS, you might not be able to download and run the app.

The app will work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch powered by iOS7. What  are you waiting for…


  1. metz says:

    Apple users will be very glad to know about this 12 days of gifts! :) I am happy for them, LOL since I do not own an Apple. Downlodable apps were available on store, well I will inform my cousin and friend about this!

  2. Shawn Hartwell says:

    I do not own an Apple device anymore, however, it is nice of Apple to be giving away some free apps for the holidays. It’s not quite the same as giving money to the poor but it’s a nice gesture. I’m sure people with Apple devices are happy right now :)

  3. Jack Norris says:

    Thank you for your nice and helpful post.

  4. Rasel says:

    Thank you for your post.I read your post and help me that.

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