QuickOnline.Tips – Our New Domain Name

A dream came true! We finally grabbed a .tips domain name and quickonline.tips is another memorable way to access the site (besides the short qot.co for easier mobile typing). This gives the QOT branding an exceptional boost and expands our quickonlinetips domain portfolio.

The .tips domain was just launched with other special new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like .guru and are rapidly being registered across the globe by how-to and advice sites. Top domain name registrars are offering these on first come basis and you too can keep a lookout for a domain name which may fit your brand the right way.

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Setup Domain Forwarding

So what happens when you type the domain name quickonline.tips, you get redirected to quickonlinetips.com. Its simple to set up domain forwarding so that people visiting your site are forwarded to the new url.

From the domain name manager, add forwarding which will set up a 301 permanent redirect

domain forwarding

Once that is done, and the DNS propagation is complete, the domain name will start redirecting to your preferred domain name.

forwarding domain name

Superior Branding

The new domain name is great for superior branding and is a great asset for the future. Note that we can continue to use the domain name without depending on changing usage patterns and popularity of different TLD’s like .com, .net etc.

Now looking to design a new logo (we got our logo through a logo design contest), which we can use for better branding and splash it across the the current QOT merchandise at the QuickOnlineTips Store on cafepress.

.TIPS domain name pricing

It cost us $25.17 to register the .tips domain name and an additional $7.99 for private registration. Totally worth grabbing the quickonline.tips … in time.


  1. Hyder says:

    From which registrar you bought your .tips domain name?

    • P. Chandra says:

      We buy domains from Godaddy

      • Albert Albs says:

        Hi Chandra, Having .tips domain extension will increase your brand visibility. That is smart of you. But $25 is too much.
        Ok anyway, within next 3 days I am going to offer .tips registration only for $20 including private registration.

  2. vipin singh says:

    what is price….???

  3. Gary says:

    That’s an awesome URL – I didn’t even know they had those extensions yet. I wonder if, with so many brands needing to protect their domains, is this another way of getting big brands to buy more domains and increase revenue for registrars? Really, is there a need for 100 different extensions???

  4. Jason says:

    That’s awesome I didn’t even know you could get a .tips url

  5. spyindiapoonam says:

    Thanks for sharing this topic. It is a very good topic for online tips. how i choose to domain name and which domain we can take and how should.

  6. Mark McDougall says:

    I always worried that it would maybe harm my site to have too many domains registered for it so I just stuck with one. Unfortunately I didn’t get my dot com name because someone is sitting on it, and not using it really, which is a shame. Oh well, dot net is just as good, I think!

  7. Daniel says:

    I am thrilled about all of the awesome domain name extensions coming out these days. With .tips, you better act fast to get an awesome one. I also hope that “domain name squatting” wouldn’t be accused in all cases. (For example, should the owers of WordPress be able to sue someone for starting a domain like WordPress.tips if they’re not trying to impersonate the company?)

  8. javadth says:

    congrats good move

  9. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Hi Chandra bro, that’s a great way to improve your brand further. And yes 25$ is a worthy investment for this and we should be happy to get it for such a cheap price, other popular ccTLDs are more than 100$.

    I did the same for my company “Slashsquare” – I registered Slashsqua.re :D

  10. Bharat Kumar Awtani says:

    your domain should have less characters and present your business in small word.

  11. jameheart says:

    Thatdomain are very goods i like to prefer these domain

  12. Shamit Khemka says:

    its sound good can please more describe about steps on this i would like to update my domain

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