The Best Time to Buy Google Glass is NOW!

You can buy Google Glass right now, available for $1500 for immediate purchase through the Google Glass Explorer program. It is a limited time offer and is expected to be over before you even realize it. Forget the Google Glass invites, this is the time to buy your own Google Glasses.

Buy Google Glass Today

Buy Google Glass here. If you visit the site right now you clearly see and option to become a Glass Explorer by purchasing Glass.

buy google glass

The offer is open to US residents with a US shipping address and aged over 18 years. The offer is expected less than a day as thousands of Glass fans are expected to grab this offer right now.

Google Glass is the revolutionary wearable technology that Google has been testing for a year now. Glass Explorers get an option to test the product, get updates/upgrades and be part of an exclusive community.

Google Glass has had its own share of privacy concerns and here is how you can know Google Glass is taking your photo or video secretly.

While the Explorer program has been closed ended for a long time, this is the first opportunity to grab the popular Glasses for yourself. The Glasses are not expected in India anytime soon. If you have a friends or family in US, you might coax them to buy one for you and pay later.


  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    G Glass seems to be a mixed bag so far. I mean, they are beyond cool, and this is a nice offer, but so many folks hate users, or especially Glassholes, lol! I like the tech and feel some poverty conscious folks, or straight haters, are at the core of the Glass backlash but I’m not sure I’d invest in a pair just yet.

  2. Suryakant Bhagekar says:

    when will this glass available in India?

  3. techaxle says:

    right now, the experiences we have with these early devices are very personal ones shaped largely by the reaction of our community and daily needs, is this a real product anyway?

  4. siya sinha says:

    Thanks for sharing product information. this is nice google glass. this is like a fancy and cool glass.

  5. Suman singh says:

    This is likely a unique Google glass. i have seen this video and this is like a newest technology Google glass. thank you for sharing good article.

  6. ketul says:

    Thanks for sharing amazing product information. It is very niche product that change world.
    Great information provide by you.

  7. vishal says:

    This is the best product of Google

  8. Topogane says:

    It’s too expensive. In a few years, fortunaly it will be more affordable

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