Buy the Cool .OOO Domain Name

You can register .OOO domain names now and get a cool url to show off. As more and more new top level domain names get available, domain owners are spoilt for choice and can get a new variety of top level domain names which are not restricted only to the big three .com,.org or .net.

.OOO Domain Name

The latest available domain name is .OOO or dot triple O. It is a new generic Top Level Domain and is a venture of Infibeam Inc., a Indian e-commerce technology company. You can grab your most wanted .OOO domain name at today for Rs 1699/year.

ooo domain name

Unlike the .guru domain name which experts might like or .ceo domain name which CEO’s might prefer, .ooo does not have a clear category of users it might define. The registry likes to promote it as the ‘Power Domain’. Either way it is a cool domain name to own and will look good on your business card, way much cooler than .aaa oir .rrr or .nnn. You can grab some cool name options like helloooo.000!

When there were few domain name options like .com, it was mostly taken. So you chose variations and additional words. Now with so many top level domains flooding the domain marketplace, it is easy to get your name or company domain name, but it is getting difficult for popular brands to register all domain names and their related domain variants and prevent cybersquatting.

But we did benefit from such new top levels domains. Recently we grabbed a cool .tips domain for this site, and if you type QuickOnline.Tips in your browser, then also you can access this site besides the longer –  In fact we got an even shorter url QOT.CO which is a .co domain name and is useful for quicker mobile typing to visit our site.


  1. jinny says:

    This is cool. The .ooo element could be a great marketing tool for businesses to further build their brand.

  2. Rose Atkins says:

    Osca,oscar,oscar… What ? I thought I have seen anything in internet but this is a big surprise. Actually, I think I will buy one of those, it can help to get those domain who are already taken.

  3. bloggr says:

    Whats this domain name for? it s just useless!

  4. Anoush says:

    Hmmm sounds strange OOO tell me from where to get it. I am fishing to buy this domain thanks

  5. Rohan Bhardwaj says:


    It is good to see many new extensions in domain, but as you said, it will become difficult for companies to buy those domain names as it will be costly and still there will be possibilities.

    Let’s see how the internet handles it.


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