Intel Compute Stick is Smallest Windows Computer

The Intel Compute Stick is the smallest windows computer ever to be launched in the market. Just about the size of a USB pen drive intel computer promises to be fully power packed computer. Despite its deceptive small size, simply plug it into HDMI monitor or your high definition TV and you have a Windows computer running on it.

Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick is available with online retailers for some time now. Its small size makes it useful for people with limited office space and it’s a good replacement for their old outdated computer. Powered by Windows 8.1, it will also  get free windows 10 upgrade on July 29 2015 like other windows 8 devices which will be offered upgrade on that date.

intel compute stick

During the first installation, it will install Windows and once it is done, it is mostly plug and play. It is a fully functional Windows computer. Simply attach a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you need nothing else to run Windows on your monitor or HDTV.

The specifications are similar to any average powered computer. It is powered by Intel Atom Quad-Core processor and has 2GB soldered single-channel DDR3L RAM. It has a limited 32GB Flash storage, but has a Micro SD card slot for expanding it with additional storage.

The device connects via HDMI to the TV, and features Intel HD Graphics for a vibrant viewing experience. It has 1 USB 2.0 slot, which is a limitation in case you want to attach many USB accessories, in which case you need a USB port hub. It draws power from the MicroUSB slot (and not HDMI which you might expect)  which needs to be connected to a power supply. It has Bluetooth 4 and Wifi support as well.

You may Buy Intel Compute Stick Windows from at $151. It is selling right now on Flipkart for Rs 9999 as well.

Rise of Computers-on-Sticks

A new change is happening which will radically change the PC market. Windows is moving to the stick size and the days of the bulky desktop are soon going to be over. Who thought the computer can now can be put in your pocket!

lenovo ideastick

Lenovo has announced a similar $130 stick computer called Ideacenter Stick 300 to be launched soon and will have similar specs. Many other manufacturers have lined up products to fire up this category and soon you might have a large competition in this price range.


If you remember Chromebit is also going to be launched soon, and is the Google challenger to the Compute stick in a similar size. It will package the Chrome OS into a small stick and is eagerly awaited. After buying the Chromebook and Chromebox, it will be my third Chrome device!

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  1. Ashish Das says:

    nice blog shows what technology became now a days. gadgets became more portable and powerful what next future will be full of more and more surprises thanks for the information P Chandra your blog helps to know that what technology becomes now a days and what we dream for future

  2. Priyanka Michael says:

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro | USB Flash Drive – if it really costs $199, I am thinking about going with Intel Compute Stick. Seems like more reasonable and affordable.

  3. Dewald Swart says:

    It seems Windows has finally realized the need for small USB sized computers. Linux has been doing this for a while and even Android. There are many USB android devices as well as Android TV boxes so why not do it with windows?

  4. Priyanka Michael says:

    if the price of windows 10 & Intel Compute Stick are similar. I would go for Intel Compute Stick. It is more convenient and reasonable.

  5. sathishw.r says:

    It seems Windows has finally realized the need for small USB sized computers. thanks for sharing.

  6. Faizan says:

    @Priyanka Michael It is powered by Intel Atom Quad-Core processor and has 2GB soldered single-channel DDR3L RAM. It has a limited 32GB Flash storage

  7. Alice Evans says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Windows should have done this long time ago.


  8. Shailesh Thakur says:

    Wow it seems pretty and portable.. I think i should go for it… :)

  9. Tyson Peter says:

    Such a useful device. You have present new technology here. Felt nice to hear progression in technology..

  10. rakhi says:

    @ P Chandra

    in the event that the cost of windows 10 & Intel Compute Stick are comparative. I would go for Intel Compute Stick. It is more helpful and sensible.


  11. Richard Carter says:

    This is really amazing device. I have seen one of this a while ago and its so cool…hmmmm. I wonder how many Chinese’s knockout will come out soon?


  12. vignesh says:

    Intel Compute Stick is the smallest windows computer This Product Very Well ,Intel Make the product many advanced added..super..

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