Now Google Part of New Company Called Alphabet!

Google has restructured its business and now Google is part of Alphabet, a new much bigger company holding multiple businesses, of which Google is just one part.  Sundar Pichai takes over a CEO of Google.

Making the huge announcement, founder Larry Page will become CEO of Alphabet and  Sergey Brin will be President. Over years, Google has expanded its businesses in multiple niches, and it made sense to restructure to help boost performance of all these businesses.

Google will now be slimmer and include Google Maps, Search, YouTube, Chrome, Apps, Android and Ads. While Alphabet Inc. will have a much bigger scope and besides Google will hold other important companies like Calico, GoogleX, Fiber, Google Ventures, Nest, and Google Capital.

The new Alphabet company site is live right now at and here is screenshot which show the title “G is for Google” and has a letter signed by Larry Page. Alphabet blocks line up on the side.

alphabet webpage

There is also interesting news for Google stock holders –  all Google Shares will convert into Alphabet shares, so you continue to hold stock in the whole company still and not a subsidiary called Google. The stock symbols will stay same GOOG and GOOGL.

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