Now Google Part of New Company Called Alphabet!

Google has restructured its business and now Google is part of Alphabet, a new much bigger company holding multiple businesses, of which Google is just one part.  Sundar Pichai takes over a CEO of Google.

Making the huge announcement, founder Larry Page will become CEO of Alphabet and  Sergey Brin will be President. Over years, Google has expanded its businesses in multiple niches, and it made sense to restructure to help boost performance of all these businesses.

Google will now be slimmer and include Google Maps, Search, YouTube, Chrome, Apps, Android and Ads. While Alphabet Inc. will have a much bigger scope and besides Google will hold other important companies like Calico, GoogleX, Fiber, Google Ventures, Nest, and Google Capital.

The new Alphabet company site is live right now at and here is screenshot which show the title “G is for Google” and has a letter signed by Larry Page. Alphabet blocks line up on the side.

alphabet webpage

There is also interesting news for Google stock holders –  all Google Shares will convert into Alphabet shares, so you continue to hold stock in the whole company still and not a subsidiary called Google. The stock symbols will stay same GOOG and GOOGL.


  1. Matt says:

    From what I’ve seen one of the biggest winners this time around is

  2. Barnabas Jetra says:

    thanks to publish new news of Google part of new company called alphabet!

  3. Mamun says:

    I don’t know what is the strategy google following. But I think Its not necessary to change name.However The name alphabet seems much bigger company….

  4. Elliott Smedley says:

    We have proud that aplhabet’s CEo is Indian (Sundar Pichai)

  5. Amelia Williams says:

    Alphabet an Awesome name! I like the name but I heard this name for first time. I joined with matt that the biggest winner is Best wishes for new CEO. Thank you for this awesome article.

  6. my pham says:

    thank you for your sharing.
    Ex, can i share this post on my website ?

  7. Shahadat says:

    Yes. i do agree with you that Google is the part of Alpgabet and the biggest search engine in the world.

  8. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Now-a-days Google has become the part and parcel in our life. It is most famous of all search engines. And part of the Alphabet company

  9. John says:

    But the challenge in front of google is, is owned be BMW.

  10. Renu Sharma says:

    Google is a awsome search engine..its became a part of life…thanks..

  11. Brian says:

    Let’s see if they will succeed or not :)

  12. Ovais Mirza says:

    Hi Chandra! It seems to be a wise decision taken by the Sergey Brin and Larry Page. With the inception of Alphabet, Brin and Page can focus on other ventures with full focus and can develop the new dimensions for various projects. Recently I read somewhere about how Google plans to compete with Uber Cabs in driver less segment. Well with the step, possibilities seems to be endless and recently, Wall Street news showed the anticipation of the shareholders and the investors towards this move. Something big is on the way.

  13. chicha toronto says:

    Alphabet, it’s a good name haha

  14. Meenakshi Rana says:

    Really Google is awesome search engine. we can use the see what’s results comes

  15. Riya Sharma says:

    Alphabet logo is perfect for Google’s holding company. The company will host a constellation of ventures, whose focus spans from lenses to drones. All will share a common goal: to improve our lives.

  16. giao hang nhanh says:

    what ?? G is for google,
    are you kidding me ?

  17. Diaz Jenkins says:

    Google is a awesome search engine..its became a part of life. Thanks!

  18. Edwin says:

    Google is the world’s no.1 search engine. Let’s welcome new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.

  19. liliy says:

    Google has always been the leader among similar companies, they are constantly improving their algorithms and services I am happy for them that they grow well

  20. Acord says:

    I wonder why owners of Google have taken this step. If I am not mistaken, the Alphabet Company is the most expensive and powerful at the moment. In terms of capitalization it is ahead of half of European countries not speaking of third world countries.

  21. mandip says:

    Good to know that Sundar Pichai is the new CEO of google and hoping for a new revolution in google strategies.

  22. day nau an ngon says:

    i think “G” is good not google , LOL :)

  23. Laura says:

    Google is doing well with its updates and Thanks for letting us know about Alphabet. Nice to hear that Alphabet CEO is Indian. Hope Google is planning for new revolution and great moves. Well ‘G’ is for Good- Goal- Google.

  24. PrashantG says:

    While going through the comments on this post, what I found that most of the people has not read the blog carefully. They have mistaken Sundar Pichai as Alphabet CEO whereas he is CEO of Google.

  25. hoc nau an ngon says:

    Google changing the direction of users to benefit everyone

  26. Shibam Kar says:

    The news was really very exciting. Happy to hear that Google is a part of Alphabet. Thanks for sharing the good news.

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