IrfanView: Restore ‘Save for Web’ Option of RIOT Plugin

Are you searching for Save for Web (Plugin) RIOT plugin option in IrfanView, a free image optimizer tool, but fail to locate its functionality and options anymore, you are not alone because they have removed support for the RIOT plugin in the latest versions and it is no longer integrated. 

irfanview new save options

I have been using the amazing RIOT plugin integrated in IrfanView for over a decade now and find it very useful and valuable, and almost all images on this blog have been optimized using RIOT.

What is the RIOT plugin in Irfanview?

RIOT stands for radical image optimization tool.  It is a free image optimizer which is a light weight and fast software, that compares the original and optimized image in real time in two different windows side by side such that you can see how much file size will be reduced as you continue to use different measures to optimize the image –  like switching from JPG to PNG or by reducing the file quality size from let’s say 90% to 70%. 

Based on the findings of the visual appearance it is easier for you to understand how much you want to reduce the file quality by clearly estimating the reduction in file size. 

riot image optimization

This is an invaluable tool for bloggers who can easily understand how much file size images they want to use to save their server storage costs.  If you continue to upload high quality full size images it can very quickly fill your server storage limits and may force you to upgrade to more expensive hosting packages.  

Download Standalone RIOT Software

You can always download the RIOT software from the official website and continue to use it to optimize images and use them for image optimization of your site photos.

But this is a problematic process as you will have to first user IrfanView to finalize and save images to right size by cropping etc. and then and you need to process the image in RIOT software to get your optimized image.

Would it not be easier if we could restore the original IrfanView?

Install older version of Irfanview

If you check out the change log of Irfanview,  you find that the support for the RIOT plugin was stopped in version 4.58. This means that if you can download version 4.57 you will be able to regain the functionality of the RIOT plugin in your Irfan view software installation.

Download older software versions safely from sites like FOSShub which provide these files.

irfanview software old

I chose the 64 bit windows installer for my 64-bit Windows computer as it supported this, but it you have an older computer you can choose the 32 bit options (Check your PC). Always better to choose the installer (which are exe files), rather than the zip files, unless you know how to use them.

First you can uninstall the current latest version of Irfan view.  After you restart your computer, You can install the old installer versions of version 4.57 of Irfanview software and plugins, which will now include the RIOT plugin.

And now you can see the option for Save for Web (Plugin) restored, which when clicked will take you to RIOT options.

irfanview riot save option

I really do hope IrfanView restores this RIOT save option in future versions.

Warning: It is obvious that the latest software versions not only tend to improve on new features and functionality of the software, but it also fixes old bugs and security patches in the older versions of the software.  Therefore it is typically never recommended to go back to the older versions to maintain security of your computer as well as to prevent new features from being removed. Therefore kindly revert to the older software version on your own risk and we bear no responsibility for the same.

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