5 Power Tips for Bloglines RSS Aggregator Users

Chances are you also use Bloglines as your RSS aggregator and rss reader. Here are a few tips and features for using Bloglines more effectively

1. Show only updated feeds – This is useful as I have many subscribed rss feeds and some update daily, some after a week and so on. This option allows me to see only the recently updated feeds and reduces the clutter on the left frame. If you go to My Feeds | Options – you will see a checkbox option to use Subscription Display: Show only updated feeds.

2. Bloglines Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet – helps to subscribe to a blog from anywhere with the Bloglines Subscribe button.

3. Bloglines Notifiers – Want to automatically be notified when your Bloglines account has new items to read? This makes it easy to be notified when your subscriptions have new items.

4. Use Hotkeys / Keywords – j – next article k – previous article s – next sub f – next folder A – read all r – refresh left panel. Enables fast usage and browsing of posts

5. ‘Keep New’ or ‘Clip/Blog This‘ – This helps to save articles for reading or blogging later. allow you to save particular articles for later review. Very useful for bloggers.

4 comments on “5 Power Tips for Bloglines RSS Aggregator Users

  1. C:\ says:

    I’d add LiveLines, a Firefox extension to easily subscribe feeds in Bloglines.

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for tip number 1 on showing only updated feeds. I made the quick change and now my bloglines feeds aren’t quite as overwhelming anymore…lol

    All the best, Josh :-)

  3. Schaz says:

    I just wanted to point out that Bloglines recently improved the “Keep new” functionality by splitting the number of new-unread items and kept-as-new items — makes “Keep new” even more useful.

  4. Caryn says:

    How do the hotkeys work? Do you have to hit Ctrl + key to make them work, or something like that?

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