Submit Blogs to Next 9rules Selection Round

9rules blogging network is ready to open the next round of blog submissions on October 1, 2009. Previously their 24 hour submission rounds have been a craze in the blogosphere with thousands of blogs wanting to get in.


Our blog QOT also got selected in 9rules last year. What is interesting this year is that Splashpress bought 9rules and the new rounds are now being conducted under the new team. It will be interesting how it turns out and there is a lot of responsibility on Splashpressn on how well they handle the old and new members.

We had long time back written some ways to get noticed by 9rules in round 5.  You might also like to know the highlights of their earlier member agreement. Prepare your blog and give it the professional touch it needs to get selected. Mark the date and submit your blog.

2 comments on “Submit Blogs to Next 9rules Selection Round

  1. venkat says:

    Blogspot blogs are not allowed to participate.

  2. read says:

    blogs are not allowed to participate

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