A9 Instant Reward Program : Search and Get Amazon Discounts

Can searching help you get discounts when you buy from the Amazon store. Would not make much difference if you are a one time buyer, but for regular Amazon buyers, this A9 Instant Reward Program would help you save money.

How much will you save?
You can save an additional 1.57% (?/2%) on virtually all your purchases at Amazon.com by simply becoming a regular user of A9.com.

What do you need to do?
You need to search at least eight different days each month. If this is your first time at A9.com, you will be eligible after eight days of use. If you are already eligible, as little as a few days of searching a week will keep you eligible.

You must be signed in on the A9.com website with your Amazon.com e-mail address and password for your searches to qualify toward being a regular user. If your A9 Instant Reward is active the A9 ?/2% will appear to the left of the Amazon.com logo on the Amazon.com website, letting you know that you are eligible for the A9 Instant Reward. Read the rules carefully to get the discounts and Deals at Amazon.

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  1. Razib Ahmed says:

    Your blog is very useful and I think that this tip will help a lot of people who buy from Amazon regularly. I also liked the way you placed advertisements. However, in your home page there is an ad of Opera 8.0. If I am not wrong then Opera has started to offer version 9.0. May be you should update the ad.

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