Adbrite to Celebrate Selling 100,000 Ads

Adbrite is a efficient way to make more money on your website by selling text or banner ads. AdBrite named the Internet’s Ad Marketplace, announced that they are poised to sell their 100,000th ad.

AdBrite is an Internet Advertising Marketplace that connects independent web publishers with thousands of advertisers and currently services more than 5,000 independent web publishers, AdBrite continues to successfully win a sizable share of the online ad market.

According to the Adbrite blog

“To celebrate this milestone, Kaplan announced that AdBrite will pay for the 100,000th ad. The winning advertiser will also be rewarded with one of the following five great prizes: dinner with Kaplan at McDonald’s, a year’s worth of Kleenex, a special Kaplan-created compilation mix tape, the opportunity to be Kaplan’s date to the movie of his choice, or a toaster.”

I also have adbrite running for sometime on this site, but despite my low advertising rates, there is a lot of difficulty in getting advertisers. I was fortunate to have a few advertisers sometime back though.

Besides that, the Adbrite system is very efficient. You sign up, put up their code on your site, decide the advertising rates to charge – someone finds your site, likes your price, pays and after your approval, the ad goes live on your site. Adbrite takes care of everything for you.

Another similar advertising tools which puts up banners is Blogads, popular with high traffic sites. So how to add blogads to your site?

“Blogads is now invitation only. To participate in Blogads, you need to be sponsored by a blogger in the network. If you don’t know a sponsor, write and we’ll notify you when a sponsor appears in your niche.”

So I need a sponsor to get started. Anyone interested?

One comment on “Adbrite to Celebrate Selling 100,000 Ads

  1. Rush says:

    I needed a sponsor (blogads) for my blog too, sadly haven’t found anyone!

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