Airtel Prepaid Mobile Independence Day Offer

Airtel has launched a special Independence day offer for prepaid mobile customers in the Delhi and NCR on a recharge of Rs. 1947. India will celebrate its 61st Independence day on August 15, 2008.

Recharge your mobile phone with Rs. 1947 – Get full talktime worth Rs.1947, no processing charges or service tax, and a renewed validity of 1 year! Airtel Customers can also enjoy STD calls at one rupee for 1 month through this recharge voucher by sending ‘1947’ as a toll free SMS to 170.

Airtel just made this value for money deal much sweeter for their customers to celebrate the occassion. Why 1947? Well that is the Indian Year of Independence.

Airtel is also preparing to launch iPhone in India on August 22.

14 comments on “Airtel Prepaid Mobile Independence Day Offer

  1. Shivaranjan says:

    Well I am also a Airtel customer for the last 7 years and last month they increased by validity by 999 days i.e close to 2.5 yrs plus. This was done free of cost and when I enquired about this they told that since I was their loyal customer for past 7 years they did it bonus for me. Well I was overwhelmed and all I can say is they rock!!! :)

  2. Ajay says:

    One thing I have learnt about Airtel is that their customer service in non metros sucks. I had an Airtel prepaid connection for Maharashtra & Goa region and their English customer care speaks in everything but English! They were also totally clueless.

    Worst was when they disconnected my year old number stating that they don’t have documents which I had to submit twice last year!

    I cancelled the prepaid connection ASAP.

    As for this 1947, Airtel already has 555 recharge vouchers. The only plus point is the 1 year validity.

  3. Ajay says:

    I must add that I lost around Rs.450 because of them disconnecting my connection.

  4. Multi-Monitor Computer says:

    Wow! India hasn’t been independent that long. America is pretty old as far as democracies go. But anyway, your blog is laid out so well and the articles are great! Keep up the good work!

  5. Rock On says:

    This offer is not that gr8. One can buy a life time prepaid (with full talk time) and then recharge with 333, 555 or 777 full value coupons.

  6. arun says:

    it is a good offer for customers who needs to call so many people like business people but not a good choice for normal people,333 is far better for them

  7. says:

    The prepaid mobile bills are just the formalities as voucher cards while the post-plans are bill like, where one pays after the end of month for all the minutes which one has used. Most of the postpaid mobile plans connection provides unlimited minutes for talking whether one is talking just on nights or only on nights and weekends. Post-paid mobile phones are used mostly by businessmen and professionals and also by those rich people who live away from their loved and dear ones. Also the post-paid plans are more appealing than the prepaid plans because of the availability of the phone at various times of the day 24*7 the whole month, the whole year.



  9. fuzail says:

    STD CALL RATE IS 50P PLEASE Arranged the offer

  10. fuzail says:

    STD CALL RATE IS 49P PLEASE Arranged the offer

  11. asmath says:

    std call rate is 10p per(min)

  12. sambhaji says:

    Pl.arrange the same offers to chennai citizens not only for Delhi & NCR(1947)

  13. balan says:

    i ting airtel is so costly network,u can make a call at very lower cost in other ntwrks,am also airtel user even i feel like tat tats y i said,

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