Airtel USB Modem Software Drivers for Windows Vista

I use Airtel USB modem to run the wireless internet connection on my laptop. Till a few months back, the supplied software supported Windows XP only, and I kept hoping Windows Vista drivers would eventually arrive. Frustrated with the inability to use wireless internet on my new Windows Vista notebook, I checked with the Airtel dealers, but they informed Windows Vista is still not supported.

Use Airtel USB Modem on Windows Vista

Airtel USB ModemWindows Vista, the latest Microsoft Operating System, was released a year ago and most softwares now support it. Its surprising that Airtel has still not officially released any Windows Vista drivers to support wireless internet connections. I tried installing the provided software (just in case!), but the Airtel USB modem will simply not install on Vista. The system requirements on the website still show Windows 2000 / Windows XP only.

Wireless broadband internet is the future. India is a highly competitive market for selling internet connections, with the market being dominated by top companies like Reliance, Tata Indicom, MTNL, BSNL, etc. I had chosen Airtel since they were the only ISP to offer a Rs.999 unlimited download offer. Others had a limited bandwidth or pay per hour deal. So I decided to buy the expensive Rs.5000+ USB Modem. I preferred it over the similar costing Airtel PCMCIA data card which could only be used on a notebook. The USB modem can be used on any computer after installing the software (web enable any computer, anywhere in India!).

Well so how do you use the Airtel USB modem on Windows Vista. My friend who was stuck with a similar problem was suggested by an Airtel employee that the software was available on the Airtel website. Download it here (look for the download software link on that page).

I downloaded the software (I could trust it for the only reason it was hosted in the official Airtel site), and though it alerted me once that my modem was ‘not fully supported’, it was better than ‘not supported’. The installation went without any problem. The internet connection is stable and averages a little less than 128kbps. Maybe the official announcement for the new software will be out soon. Till then be assured that this article is going live via a Window Vista notebook powered by an Airtel USB modem… so I guess it is working. [Tip by Rajesh].

34 comments on “Airtel USB Modem Software Drivers for Windows Vista

  1. Forumistan says:

    I am using XP but I archived that for the future ;)

  2. Vasanth says:

    In Windows Vista Airtel USB modem is not accepting ,try to give some software

  3. Viral says:

    Has any one got this problem?

    Airtel USB modem manager does not move further from the step “Installing the USB port driver, it will take minutes, Please wait…”

    It hangs..

    thanks in advance..

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @malvinder – 128kbps is very slow for viewing youtube videos. I use 256kbps Airtel ADSL connection also, but youtube videos still dont load smoothly. I guess min 512kbps should work.

    @viral – The speed of installation will depend on your processor speed. I use Intel core 2 duo and it installed in under a minute. If it hangs, you can try reinstalling after rebooting your computer.

  5. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Now this same download link is officially available on the airtel website. Look for “download software” link.

  6. viral says:

    I still have this problem, when i try to install it does not move further from below step.

    Installing the USB port driver, it will take minutes, Please wait

    Has any one got this problem?

    Many thanks,

  7. Raj says:


    I downloaded the driver and tried to install it on my laptop which runs on Vista. I got the message that the modem is not fully supported. The installation did not complete.. I waited for about 30 mins before I aborted the process.

    Did anyone face a similar problem? If yes, please let me know how you got that resolved. Thanks for your help,


  8. Sunish says:

    i too faced problem with the installation of the airtel usb modem but now it has been rectified. The patch provided by airtel on the website works just fine.I faced the same problem of the installation getting hung in between but that can be resolved by pluging the usb modem in as soon as the first dialouge box appears after the preinstallation runs and then clicking happy browsing with the airtel usb modem on vista.

  9. doc says:

    hi all usb modem users!!
    is artel usb internet gives more speed than Mobile office (im using sony p990i as a modem)??
    hey can anyone suggest which usb internet connection is faster??

  10. Ankur Chakraborty says:

    Actually I was also having the same problem. However, the above links didn’t work for me. So as I kept looking, I found the below link and the download software link from there.
    Even if this link does not work, you can navigate to this place by getting into the area of wireless internel for your business(not for your portion, :)).

  11. mobile crazy says:

    hi friends try out this link.. may help u to connect airtel usb modem… to vista … works fr me

    • Nirmal says:

      hi friend

      i cant able to get the driver through this link, it says Error 404: Error reported: 404.
      plz can u give me the driver for vista

  12. Sundeep Chaudhary says:

    No comment

  13. jayaraj says:

    we have been using airtel wireless network with usb modem. In this regarding we need the driver software we missed it.

  14. rhea says:

    hey guys,
    just wanted advice on which USB isp is best. both price and speed vise..?
    urgent help required. im planning to go for reliance netconnect, postpaid.
    how much does an airtel usb modem cost??
    really appreciate ur help… thanks in advance!! :)

  15. Mariappan says:

    Hi ,
    Thanks a lot for giving this information . I was not using airtel usb modem on vista for past 4 months approx. due to the driver problem. earlier i used xp. Now i downloaded , let me check. Hope it will work fine

  16. Shrenik says:

    I have been using airtel data card properly.then it Formatted my Laptop so the software is erased,i dont driver software cd i missed placed it. how do i get the software to start my airtel data card again….

    please reply , its urgent

  17. Anil says:

    In windows vista ultimate the Airtel USB Modem Micromax MMX 610 Us doen’t detect . does any one out here has the driver for the same . pls share the link

  18. Murali says:

    I need Software of USB Modem for Vista.
    Can u pls help in sharing the details.


  19. gaurav says:

    hi friend

    i cant able to get the driver through this link, it says Error 404: Error reported: 404.
    plz can u give me the driver for vista

  20. Noor says:

    none of the llinks are working

  21. Deepthi says:

    guys even i have a similar problem using Airtel USB manager and my Laptop is Vista home edition. when trying to connect to net says “disconnected tyr later” i am really fed up coz i hv installed n uninstalled 100 times :-(. none of the above links work plz help!!!!!

  22. ap1285 says:


    I have the same modem and lost its driver disk. Now I don’t have driver for any OS. I tried above link for vista driver, but I think its not working now. Can anyone please provide me with the link to download driver for XP or Vista. Please email me with any info at [amitpanwar21] at []



  23. Tarun says:

    Guys can u please correct the link, it seems the link is dead.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Akshay Tyagi says:

    how can i use my laptop modem in place of airtel modem ?
    So that i will plugin the telephone wire in my inbuilt modem to oprete airtel broadband connection.
    Plz help me?

  25. Araba Oyunları says:

    The patch provided by airtel on the website works just fine.I faced the same problem of the installation getting .

  26. Rahman says:

    is there any agent for photon +

  27. Prakash says:

    Please send link for download Airtel USB Data Card driver for windows XP


  28. Deepak says:

    Required Airtel USB Modem Data Card Driver for XP. None of the link stated above is working. Pls provide any solution.

  29. Rajesh says:

    Where can i download airtel usb modem manager

  30. vasan says:

    i need Airtel USB Modem Software Drivers

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