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As I was looking for Firefox extensions to update my collectiion, I was amazed to find a firefox extension which Ajax enabled Yahoo email. Being a regular user of gmail and impressed by its instantly quick functionality, I am eagerly awaiting the new Yahoo Mail Beta currently under development.

I just installed the AJAX Yahoo! Mail (Viamatic Webmail++) Firefox Extension. It adds ajax support to the classic Yahoo! mail and makes it a little more friendly. Preview your messages without leaving your inbox by clicking on the small “plus sign” next to your email list. Send back messages with a single click using Instant Reply and Download any attachment with a single click

If you visit the homepage of the extension Firefox Webmail++ – you can also use a greasemonkey script to do the job for you, instead of th firefox extension. And they say “This website is not supported by Yahoo! nor is this site anyway linked to Yahoo! it is just a proof of concept about what can be done with AJAX .”

What is Ajax? – Simply put Ajax allows real-time fast previews and updates of content without a bulky java applet or embedded flash object. Also see more greasemonkey scripts for Yahoo


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