Angsuman WordPress Translator Plugin Gold: Limited Edition


Angshuman has released a limited edition of the Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Gold for WordPress blogs that allows automatic blog translation to 32 languages with 5 translation engines and comes with load balancing capabilities targeted for popular and high volume blogs.

This limited edition release will feature only 100 copies and comes with all the features of Translator Plugin Pro Version 5.0. It also provides Tor support (to support proxying your request to translator engines through the tor network to anonymize the translation requests and frees you from load limitations imposed by translation engines on specific IP addresses.) and Multiple IP support for load balancing. Cost is $100.

You might remember the Google 403 errors and need for caching associated with automatic blog translation plugins. While many blogs started switching to human translations in select languages and started hiring translators, new versions of plugins fixed the issue.

Translator Plugin Pro 5.0 has fixed several of the issues. It now supports 4 translation engines and it switches engine in cases of failure. It has its own high performing database based intelligent caching engine to reduce, server, network and translation engine loads. It ships with 14 languages and includes capability to include or exclude sections from translated pages with an API for full customization of the display. Cost is $30.

Looking for a free wordpress translation plugin – try the Global Translator.


2 comments on “Angsuman WordPress Translator Plugin Gold: Limited Edition

  1. Thilak says:

    I bought Angsuman’s Translator Pro plugin, I am not happy with it’s performance. It is a resource hog and doesn’t work well on my blog.

    I wish, he gave away those limited addition plugin to his customers with high traffic.

  2. Seeor says:

    Where is Angsuman translator ‘s cache ? I can not find It ,but My disk is more big.

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